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Título : Interactive dynamics process to promote the english interlearning
Autor : Maridueña Macancela, Irlanda Jacqueline
Fuertes Suarez, Isabel Martha
Hinojosa Navarrete, Amelia Amarilis
Fecha de publicación : Jan-2012
Resumen : The lack of Interactive Dynamics English Language affecting in the students learning. We are involved in training teachers in the application of Dynamics for a better development the process of teaching English to students. The dynamics help the students learn things in a practical way and make classes more enjoyable and fun. Such activities promote the cohesion of the group, promote the relationship between students and greater communication among them. In the dynamics section, teachers will find many tips and creative ideas to make their classes more entertaining, enjoyable an above all effective. The dynamics are a fundamental tool the teachers to apply them in the classroom as better methodological technique, in order to achieve better results in teaching and learning. The purpose our project has been developed with the finally that teachers, students and parents to know about the interactive dynamics applied to the teaching-learning process, this included the workbook as a teaching aid in the classroom. This will motivate students to become familiar with this material every day. As used in this workbook the reader will have the opportunity to know different form to motivate in the classroom. The carried out surveys threw result that gave consistency to our position of the application of the Interactive Dynamics in classes. We demonstrate the teaching that the teaching levels and methodology are faulty in the different student atages, methods are not technical that allow the students to be involved positively in the educational process, all of the students and teachers, coincided in the lack of appropriate methodologies.
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