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Título : An english vocabulary booklet to improve teh reading and understanding of manuals in the option of electricity, focused on the first course at Alborada Technical and industrial senior high school of Milagro city
Autor : Maridueña Macancela, Irlanda Jacqueline
Villegas Sánchez, Esperanza Ruth
Guamán Méndez, Blanca Estrella
Palabras clave : PROBLEM
Fecha de publicación : 2013
Resumen : One of the serious problems that find in the learning of the English language is that we don't find books, manuals or pamphlets that allow us to translate the written material that comes along with the equipment or materials for laboratories, shop of technical schools or not, of the local educational system, speaking of Milagro city. Most of the time, teachers are forced to improvise, using the translation software that exists in the market and in the Internet, those which, although they help enough they are not really reliable, the result of the work is mediocre. With the proposal of this work we want to contribute with a first delivery, where besides providing the student a support tool in the translation, with the words of the glossary, we are giving English's teacher a small guide with which we hope we can attend in a better way to the students involved in technical careers, especially to those of English's area. There is another big problem to challenge; it is the fact on not knowing how to use strategies, TICs or any material resources in our classes. This project is going to analyze and suggest a guide of concepts to understand the problem in a better way and trying to improve the process transforming it from a vertical one... into a process in a horizontal line which becomes the best remedy ever for a good development of the teaching-learning process.
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