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Autor : Solis Granda, Luis Eduardo
Bravo Merchan, Ginger Estefanìa
Palabras clave : Sistema
Gestión Social
Responsabilidad social
Fecha de publicación : Jan-2019
Resumen : The exposed research provides information to small and medium enterprises (MIPYMES) of improvements of the Marcelino Maridueña canton, through the bibliographic review it was possible to detect that the MIPYMES of this canton present a lack of management system, which does not allow to obtain statistics on their productive processes, low competitiveness, problems to market their products and get participation tickets in the public market. Therefore, the specific objectives in this study were; Improve MIPYMES efficiency in the work environment of the merchants of the Marcelino Maridueña canton of the province of Guayas; Encourage and support small and medium enterprises in the development of the commercialization of products in the canton; Make merchants aware of MIPYMES for the application of a social management system. In addition, it was essential to apply in the investigative process the criteria of several authors who contribute to the subject with referential contributions as the subject matter has evolved. It also details the definition of the text used to provide an adequate understanding to the reader. In the section of development of the subject, the solution is established to suggest so that the objectives posed successfully in the different PYMES are fulfilled. The methodology was determined as a qualitative paradigm, based on the documentary revision of books, scientific journals, websites, articles, among others, etc. Finally it concludes with the analysis of each scientific article immersed in the investigation with the purpose of deducting on the system of social management, social responsibility, MIPYMES, PYMES and other sub-topics that are detailed in this investigative process.
Descripción : La necesidad, de esta revisión bibliográfica es buscar la utilidad de herramientas de las TIC´S para apoyar los procesos organizacionales y productivos en el ambiente de negocios de las MIPYMES. Como metodología se propone una revisión y análisis de fuentes secundarias de literatura que permiten la identificación de evidencias existentes de investigaciones relacionadas con el tema.
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